Phase 10

Phase 10


Phase 10 is a rummy type card game perfect for the whole family! A perfet travel game for on the go.

Phase 10 is a set-collection card game. Most of the cards bear numbers printed in different colors, while others have Uno-like effects such as denying turns to opposing players and wild cards that can be assigned any color or numeric value. There is also a reference card for each player which describes the 10 Phases, or sets of cards they must collect, in order to win.

The game is played in rounds, and during the first round all players are attempting to collect the cards for the First Phase - two sets of three identical numbers. Players take turns drawing and discarding in order, until one player who has completed the phase discards her or his last card. The first round ends; players with cards still in their hands receive a score penatly based on the quantity and value of those cards.

The next round begins. Any players who managed to collect the right cards to complete phase one, even if they had cards left in their hands at the end of the last round, can now begin collecting for phase two - one set of three identical numbers and one run of four sequential numbers. Players who didn't complete phase one last round must try to complete phase one all over again during this round.

This process continues for multiple rounds until one player is the first to complete all 10 phases, and is declared the winner.


2 - 6 Players

Game time: 45 minutes

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