Pylos (includes travel version)

Pylos (includes travel version)


Be the one to place the final ball and complete the pyramid.
Sounds simple, right? But is it?


Test your skill against this epic brain teaser and see if you have what it takes to walk away with victory.

Pylos is an abstract strategy game where the ultimate goal is to be one who places the final ball on top of the pyramid.



At the start of the game, each player has fifteen balls, either light or dark. They take turns placing them on the board, containing sixteen indentations in a 4x4 grid. Once four balls have been placed next to one another in a square, a ball can be placed on top of them, forming a second level of play.



Play continues this way, eventually allowing a ball to be placed on the third level. Once that level is full, a final ball can be placed on the fourth level, ending the game.


Whichever player places the last piece wins the game.


2 Players


Game time: 10 minutes