Queendomino is a game of luck, snap decisions and wise placement.

Players take turns to choose and collect various resources, including: wheat fields, forests, lakes, grazing grounds, marshes, and mountains.


Players can collect coins from knights, expand towns on their land to gain new buildings and vie to win the Queens’ favour. But be careful not to catch the dragons’ eye.


Play ends when a players grid is completed.

In 2 player games you’ll make a 7x7 grid. In a 3 - 4 player game you’ll create a 5x5 grid.

Points are tallied once game play ends and the wealthiest landowner wins.


*Queendomino is a slightly more sophisticated version for its counterpart, kingdomino. It works perfectly as a standalone game, with more strategy and moving parts. However the two games can also be combined for even more fun. This makes it a 4 player game in which players aim to create 7 x 7 grids.



2 - 4 Players

Game Time: 25 minutes