Quoridor (includes travel version)

Quoridor (includes travel version)


Don't let the rules fool you, Quoridor is surprisingly deep for its simple instructions and speedy game play.


If you enjoy quick matches that make your brain tick you'll adore Quoridor!

It's equally as enjoyable for those of us who like to share a bevy and think up all the sneaky and cheakiest stratagies possible to make you opponant flustered ;)

Quoridor is an abstract strategy game in which you need to manouver you player piece to the opposite end of the board.


Too simple? Not at all!  During your turn, you may either move your pawn or place a wall. Walls are divided evenly between all players but once they're placed they can not be moved. Walls will help hinder you opponent, but can never completely block them off.


But be careful, because yo're not the only one capable of performing cheaky schemes.


The first player to get their piece to the opposite side wins.


2-4 Players

Game time: 10 minutes