Work your cunning tricks, manipulate the populace and walk away after the Revolution on top of the food chain! 

The town is in turmoil, corruption is rampant, and it seems to be everyone for themselves out there in this cruel unforgiving world. Conditions like these are where you thrive, and you think you have a shot at toppling the one in charge. But you’ll need to play your hand right, pick your targets well, and do your best to keep your rivals bickering amongst themselves while you get the important work done. It’s time to start a Revolution!


Revolution is a quick to learn bidding and hidden information game. Players begin the game with a purse of coins to bride and gain control over key strategic locations throughout the town. If two or more players try to obtain the same location then a bidding war will break out, and raise the prices of these sought after places. You need to be sneaky, savvy and careful because if you waste all your gold fighting for one place then you won’t have any left to bid on anything else. You earn victory points for all the locations you control and the resources you own and at the end of the game; whoever has the most will have successfully caused the Revolution!


3 – 4 players

Game Time: 60 minutes

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