Rising Sun

Rising Sun


Gather your armies and court the favour of the Kami in Rising Run. Your very honour is on the line so do your best to control the most territory but make sure you don't break your word. 

It is a time of great conflict in Feudal Japan, as Kami (Gods) descend from the heavens to make their own marks on the world. Various different factions are vying for control of this prosperous land, and it’s up to you to guide yours to victory. Making friends and forming strong bonds will be the key, either with other factions, the Kami or mysterious creatures from myth and legend. Rally your forces, take to the battlefield and hopefully you will walk away victorious. 


Rising Sun is a territory control game. The game takes place over 4 seasons where you and your rivals fight for control of Feudal Japan. You start your turn by forming alliances, and then you play a tile from the actions deck to choose how you spend your time. Either recruiting more forces, moving to other regions, harvesting crops or BETRAYAL of that alliance you just made, which is very dishonourable. After 4 rounds of gaining control of territories, the faction with the greatest kingdom will be dubbed the victor!


3–5 players

Game time: 90 - 120 minutes

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