Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition)

Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition)


Fight the establishment however you can or just make some money in Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd edition. You can smuggle illicit goods past the Sheriff with your carefully chosen words or a well placed coin! 

In the bustling medieval town of Nottingham, there is a lot of lively trade to be had. Businesses are doing well, aside from one stumbling block. Prince John is working to crush dissent within the town and is using the Sheriff to ban contraband from entering town. You and your friend will take on the roles of town merchants in Nottingham, trying your best to get your legal (Or suspicious) goods past the sheriff without attracting his ire. Use clever words, promises or straight up bribery to get through his checkpoint and walk away with the most money in Sheriff of Nottingham.


Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd edition is a social deduction and set collecting game. During the game each player will act as the Sheriff of Nottingham twice, while all other players act as merchants. Players draw a hand of trade goods from the deck and use their hand to fill their bag up to try to get it past the border. While players can say to the Sheriff “that bag has 3 apples in it”, but they are under no obligation for that to be the case, it could be 3 of anything, including illegal goods. Once the game is over and as many goods as possible have been smuggled, the player with the most points earned will be the winner.


2 – 6 players

Game Time: 60 minutes

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