A technically eatable card game, but it may affect playability...

When laying cards if two of any card are laid (i.e. 2 hot dogs, 2 lettuce etc) this is called a "DOUBLE DECKER". A person slams their hand down and whomever is first to slam, gets those cards and any cards below them.

The second pattern is the SLAMWICH. Which consists of 2 of the same card separated by another card. (i.e. Jam, hot dog, Jam) making a little card "sandwich".

As well, cards with a number in the corner are "Muncher" cards and whomever lays these cards is the muncher, the player to the left of the "muncher" has to lay the number of cards indicated on the "Muncher" card. 1,2 or 3. If no pattern or other special card is played / noticed or interrupts gameplay the "muncher" gets those cards and any cards below them.

Also, Cards with a robber running away are "Thief" cards. Any player can slam down on this but also has to say "STOP! THIEF" this can cause a lot of fun and confusion because if two players slam down on the card even though one has their hand down first, it will be the player to say "STOP! THIEF!" that will claim the card and any cards below it.

Playing this with my daughter or adults, everyone gets a chuckle out of slamming or mistakenly slamming the table. The loud boisterous nature of the game is a great ice breaker too! The game length can vary wildly, so setting a 10 minute limit would be advised, at which point the player with the most amount of cards will win.


2-6 Players

Game time: 15 minutes

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