It's a clash of minds in this whirlwind race as two people maneuver their way across the board. Trip each other up along the way as you figure out how to juggle speedy trains and sluggish snails all while keeping your own pieces protected.


Squadro quickly became one of our in bar favorites and we can't recomend it enough!!!

You are the master of this finely crafted fleet of what look to me to be aerodynamic trains in a race against skill, luck and hearty cackles of laughter after devious maneuvers.


Each player starts with five pieces in a row on their respective sides of the board, sitting at 90% to one another. You take turns to move pieces, however you can only move one piece per turn, and they must go as far as the pips indicate they travel.


If you pass over an opposing piece while moving, then your opponent's piece must return to its last departing base (the side it traveled from) and your piece in motion advances only as far as the first space beyond where your opposition's piece was placed.


Once your piece has made its way across the board you hit the halfway mark and can only be sent back here. Yay! Take careful note of the pips for your return journey, most of them change at this point.


As you return your pieces across the board and pass over an opposing piece while moving, then their piece must return to its last departing base and your moving piece advances one spot further than where the opposing piece was placed.


The first player to return all their pieces to their side of the board, wins.


2 Players

Game time: 10 minutes

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