Battle the elements and work hard to make a living in the Australian outback. Raise sheep, make money and try to be the best farmer in the land!

Wrangle up your sheep and get ready to do some farming with Squatter. In this game you don the akubra of an Australian sheep farmer out in the country, trying your best to make a profit with your livestock.  Buy and sell both sheep and their wool at the right time to manipulate the market and come out on top!

Squatter is an older classically Australian resource management game. You begin the game with 3000 sheep in 5 paddocks and through the course of play you need to make money selling sheep and their wool, while also buying more sheep and improving your pastures with irrigation. The timing of sales is vital in this game, and whoever is able to make enough money to have 6000 sheep and a fully irrigated farm first will be the winner.



2 – 6 Players

Game Time: 90 minutes

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