Enter The Squirmish, a ridiculous rumble where creatures clash and only the strangest survive!

A card battling game that is affected by card location when played, character attack powers, and a single die roll. Plenty of humor is mixed in throughout the cards including their names, their battle cries, their attack powers, and the art associated with them. Be the first to knock out three opponent cards in the Squirmish battle to be declared the winner.


Players are dealt five cards each. The first action that is allowed is that you can draw a single card. You are not able to hold more than five cards in your hand. If the draw places you over five cards, you must discard to get back to the hand limit.


You can then choose to place a card into the Squirmish battle. You are allowed a maximum of five cards in the battle. When placing cards, you place them so that they are facing you. This is how you are able to identify who has played which cards. You can also replace a card you previously played that has no damage on it, with a new card.
Next, you can choose to either move one of your cards or attack an opponent’s card. If you choose to move a card, you simply swap its potion with an adjacent card. When choosing to attack with one of your cards, you declare which card you are attacking and then you roll a single die. You must then consult the basic attack chart that resides on the card.


If damage is inflicted. The green tokens equal one and the red tokens equal three. If enough damage has occurred that will knock the card out, you take the card and put it into your victory pile.

Sometimes there may be a benefit to attacking your own cards to add health to one of your cards or to defeat it before someone else captures it. If you do knock out one of your own cards, it does not go to your victory pile and instead is discarded. There is one lone exception when you play the Rapscallion card, which allows you to add them to your victory pile.
Once a card is knocked out, you must reconnect any cards that have become disconnected from the Squirmish battle to any card edge.The final step in each turn is to resolve any abilities. Some abilities come into play when you are attacking and others when you are being attacked. This is also when you would initiate any group abilities as well.The game continues until someone has three cards in their victory pile.


2-4 Players

Game time: 30 minutes

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