The Chameleon

The Chameleon


Work together in secret while players take turns trying to bluff their way to victory.

It’s trickier than it looks when one word can give you away but you're sure to have a great time!!!

Grab your mates and try your hand at this wonderful mind twister.

Test your mind and your mates as you play The Chameleon. It’s a multi award winning game for its use of social deduction, team work, deception, investigation and problem solving.

Play begins by handing out cards that assign which role each player has. The game includes two roles. You are either the Chameleon or hunting the Chameleon. Either way it’s your task to use your investigative skill and talk your way into victory. There’s only one Chameleon so make sure everyone keeps their cards secret.


Two dice will be rolled, the numbers they display indicate a word on the topic card for everyone except the Chameleon. Each Topic Card contains 16 words relating to a common topic (e.g. countries, books, food, etc.) This word is also a secret.


Players then take turns saying a hint word that relates to the secret word. It’s up to the Chameleon to assess the hints and 16 words in front of them to make an educated guess of what it could be and offer a word themselves.


All players discuss who the Chameleon could be, and why before voting. Every player gets a vote and whoever has the most votes must reveal their secret identity. If anyone but the Chameleon gets revealed, the Chameleon wins. If the players guess correctly and the Chameleon is ousted then they get one last chance at victory. They get a single guess at which word is the correct one. If they get it right and ONLY if they guess it right, do they sneak into victory regardless.


This means every player needs to choose a hint word that isn’t too obvious that the Chameleon knows exactly what the word is, but obvious enough that other players can pick out who is and isn’t on their side. Trickey yeah?!?


As you can see, each game you play consists of only one round and moves quickly. You may replay the rounds as often as you like, as the results will change every time.


So strap in for fun and see if you have what it takes to win!!!


3 - 8 Players

Game Time: 15 minutes

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