Timeline Inventions

Timeline Inventions


When you drink your coffee in the morning or write seemingly endless pages with your ballpoint pen do you ever wonder when these things were invented or which was invented first? Was the pencil invented before or after the crayon? Was penicillin discovered before the theory of relativity? They are all important inventions and discoveries. Do you know the correct answer?

Timeline provides those answers in a novel little game. It takes something very educational, a timeline, and makes it into a fun, fast paced, trivia game.


The game is played over rounds. Play continues clockwise from the start player and once each player has taken a turn the round is over.

The game starts when the first player places one of their cards into the timeline. If they think the invention or discovery was made before the starting card it is placed to the left of the start card (in chronological order). If it was made after the start card it is placed to the right. The player then flips the card to the "date side" and checks to see if it was placed correctly or not.

If the player was correct the card stays "date side" up and their turn is over. If they were not correct the cards goes back in the box and the player must draw the first card from the card pile and place it in front of them. (Be sure to place these cards "date side" down.)
The next player now play their turn. They may now have three spaces to choose to place their card, if the first player played correctly. Otherwise they have two options. If the second player plays their card correctly it stays in the timeline.

Players continuing playing this way until one or more players have added all their cards to the Timeline.


To win players must be the first to place all their cards correctly in the time line and be the only player with no cards remaining in front of them at the end of the round.


2-8 Players

Game time: 15 minutes

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