Tiny Epic Quest

Tiny Epic Quest


War has come to the realms! Once a peaceful kingdom, that balance has been thrown asunder by the opening of a portal through which hordes of goblins did spill. In order to combat this threat, the great elven kingdoms have dispatched teams of adventurers to see this goblin menace dealt with, or to close the portal from whence they came. Does your party have what it takes to best the goblin hordes and seal them away, find out with your very own Tiny Epic Quest!

Tiny Epic Quest is a worker placement and resource management adventure game. Each player begins with 3 meeples representing their party of elven adventurers. On your turn you move your meeples to various different locations to collect quests, gain new skills and seek new challenges.


Then when the night comes you roll dice to battle the goblin hordes, just be careful not to push your luck too far, or you may find yourself in a lot of trouble.


You’ll win this struggle in two ways, either defeat all the goblins or close the portal; whichever team successfully does that first will be declared the saviours of the realms!


1-4 Players

Game time: 45 minutes

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