Tiny Epic Western

Tiny Epic Western


“This town ain’t big enough for the both of us!”

“It’s high noon!”


Strap on your spurs and load up your revolver, we’re heading back to the old west to try to make it big in the frontier towns that dot the American inland. You and your posse have a great opportunity before you, to use your money, muscle and legal influence to control important businesses in town, make money and become the very best in the West.

Tiny Epic Western is a worker placement and poker game. Each player places meeples from their hideout onto different businesses around town to trade, gain resources, and eventually take the businesses all for themselves.


At the same time you’re also playing a game of Poker. Each location you place your meeple has a playing card assigned to it each round. Using your meeples locations and a single card you receive each round you create a Poker hand, so while you may not make the best decision in the businesses you invest in, you might win that rounds’ hand of poker instead. When the hustle is all said and done, the player who controls the best locations and has the most points will walk away best in the West!


1-4 Players

Game time: 45 minutes

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