Build your very own weird, wild and wacky theme park with Unfair! Compete with your friends to see who can do the best, you can even sabotage them if you need to! 

Theme park designer must seem like such an interesting job, especially to a child. Forget about the inevitable business or physics degrees involved, you get to design all these crazy rides to thrill and excite your friends and guests, PLUS you get paid to do it, win win! Well good people, it’s your lucky day, it’s time to build your own rides, install them in a theme park and outdo your business rivals in this game, Unfair. 


Unfair is a card based resource management game. In this game you score points by building large, ostentatious and complex rides to thrill and delight your guests, appease your investors by matching your rides to the blueprints provided or throw cash at the problem until it goes away. You also have the option to play other cards, either as employees to aid you, or sabotaging event cards to mess with the competition. When the 8 rounds are over, whoever has the most points and the greatest park will come out on top.


2 - 5 players

Game time: 50 - 125 minutes

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