Werewolves of Millers Hollow

Werewolves of Millers Hollow


The nights in Millers Hollow are treacherous, as you dash for cover you bang at any door you can find for aid, but no answers come, they all know better than to open their doors at night. Sweat runs down your brow as a blood curdling howl echoes across the chilling night air. You make for the church but just as you reach the foot of the steps, you see it. A great shape passes between you and the pale light of the full moon, you barely have time to let out a scream before you are devoured by this ferocious mass of fur and teeth. It seems Werewolves are on the hunt in Millers Hollow.

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a minimalist social deduction game with defectors, perfect for large groups.


A moderator is needed to run the game, and at the start each player is assigned a role card for the game. This card could be a regular villager, a special villager like the sheriff, the hunter or the fortune teller; and some players will receive werewolf cards.


As you play each night the werewolves agree to kill one of the villagers and during the day the entire village discusses who, if any, they should lynch to try to find the werewolves.


If the villagers find and kill all the werewolves they win, but if the werewolves equal or outnumber the remaining villagers, they win.


8-18 Players

Game time: 30 minutes

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